GATE 2010 Solutions – CS and IT

February 14, 2010

Here are the tentative solution to GATE 2010 – CS and IT paper

1  – C

2 –

3 –

4 –

5 –

6 –  A

7 –  A

8 –  A

9 –

10 – A

11 – D

12 – C

13 – B

14 – C

15 – D

16 – D

17 –

18 – B or C

19 – C

20 –

21 – C

22 – B

23 – A

24 – A

25 – B

26 – A

27 –

28 – C

29 –

30 – A or D

31 – A

32 –

33 – D

34 – B

35 – C

36 – D

37 – C

38 –

39 -D

40 – D

41 –

42 –

43 – B

44 – D

45 –

46 –

47 – D

48 – D

49 – B (maybe)

50 – D

51 – B

52 – C

53 –

54 – C

55 – A

56 – B

57 – B

58 -D

59 – D

60 -A

61 – C

62 – B

63 – C

64 – D

65 – B

( DISCLAIMER: Solutions are subjected to change, we donot take any responsibility for their authenticity. Your Comments are welcome.)


Happy New Year !!!

December 31, 2009

31st December 2009 : last day of a wonderful year and I was all set to bid adieu in even more wonderful way. We were all together – the school chaps, me, pravesh, ankit, pulkit, shrey and ambesh. The celebrations began at 9:30 pm when our cellphones rang and within 15 minutes we all were there at pravesh’s place. All geared up to see-off another awesome year.

But doing party is not an easy job ( huh!!!, partying is not a job. How can it be easy ??? ) . Ya, absolutely, and the first and the biggest question always is ” Where to party ???? “. The moment we confronted this “Question of the year”, in minutes we were flooded with options ranging from ” MIT ka Dhaba ” to 5-star hotels ( ofcourse, of arbitary names !!! ). And as usual, we got involved in crappy debate.

So there has to be a solution and we knew what that was. After all this was not the first time that we were facing this. So following the age old tradition, we obeyed the clause 3-C under section 42A of the ” Constitution of Mandavli ” and all agreed for Pravesh to make the call. This was it, the deciding moment was near, soon the party floor was to be revealed, we all could see it coming, I was excited and so was everyone else. Pulkit made his move, Pravesh was now to call, we all kept our breath, crossed our fingers, closed our eyes and prayed to the Lord. There was an eerie silence all around, air was still, petrol pumps became dry, honking horns got silent, stars refrained from twinkling and hell; hell, it was tails. As if like a ritual, Pravesh won the toss again and we all had to head towards “Surana Palace”, for our dinner of the year (hehe !!!).

Luckily on the dinner table, we did not have to follow the constitution. We could have, but that would have just took one more paragraph (like the one above) here. And we agreed on what to order very quickly ( actually, noone ever bothered about it, we were so hungry that we could gulp food without a second thought that time ). So we had some quality time with quality friends and quality food. But hey, the party wasn’t over yet, it was only 11:30 PM and still we had atleast 30 minutes at our disposal.

” What to do NOW ???? ” – Sawaal dus crore ka. Someone, sometime, somewhere said  ” Beta,  jab jivan me koi rah na dikhe to ghabrana nahi, apni gadi uthana aur kahin dur ekant me jaa kar chintan-manan karna “. And we did the same, this was what we needed. On a night when everyone was partying hard, dancing, shouting, losing control – we bunch of guys were looking for a peaceful, quite and deserted place.

So we kicked our bikes ( Ya, my Kinetic Honda 120 CC model 1992 is no less than Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i with Nitro boosters. So I can call it a bike 😛  . Do you have some problem with that, better mind your business :-X ) and turned towards the  Kothi Road. Now Guys, you got to believe this but the road seemed never ending today. The chilling breeze was dominating our nerves and at 12o KMPH ( Ok, I agree my kinetic’s speedometer shows thrice the actual speed but, you should accept this figure for the sake of this blog post. Phew !!! ) we started losing our senses. I was reluctant to apply brakes just coz that involved movement of my fingers !!!.

But, finally we did stop – actually we had to. The chill was getting unbearable and I wondered if I am reluctant to brake now than what is it gonna be when i will have to take the the U-turn at the end of the road (!!!!) . So, this thought scared me and I managed to brake somehow. We sat on a bench nearby and started enjoying the silence, the freshness in the air, the chill, the fog and the flash; “the flash” – ya that came from my cell, we had a small photoshoot – probably the first of the kind in our group. At strike of 00:00 we all cheered for the 2010 and greeted everyone with pastries ( in reality, no one did cheer, 2010 to yun bhi aa hi jayega, par pastry ka koi kyun risk le ? yahan sab bhuke kutte hai, jhapta maro aur kha jao pura 😉 isi ko to greet karna kahte hai, kyun sahi bola na maine ??? )

New Year Resolution

Looking back at gone 2009

Hmm, to ab hum alvida keh chuke hai 2009 ko, 2010 bhi aa gaya hai.  Phir bhi kuch kam hai, party me koi song na ho aisa kaise ho sakta hai ? Thanks to Ambesh, jisne yeh ichcha bhi puri kar di.Thank you guys for making my day. Happy New Year to all !!!


December 31, 2009
if ( condition )
printf (“Hello “);
printf (“World”);
Que: Write a condition such that output of this code snippet is “Hello World”.

ACM Quest – 2009 : A Report

December 31, 2009

ACM Quest 2009 – Autumn Fest

Quest 09 was organised by ACM along with two big events Autofest and Entrumeet  combined together as Autumnfest 09  which was held from 31st September to  2nd October 2009. ACM QUESTwas first conducted  in 2008 with the sole motive of encouraging people to come together and  take part in computing events. Quest 2008  constituted of interesting events like kriegspell , code2win, neocoders , e-trivia , online treasure hunt , lan chatting software n many other events which cover all the arenas and aspects of computation .  Since Quest was held with two big events like Entrumeet and Autofest  this year, the TEAM QUEST  decided to come up with 3 major events that cater and attract  people not only the experts but also those who are a novice to the computing field .

ACM Quest 2009 received a great participation. Not only did the undergraduates, but also the Post graduate students took keen interest in the events. The participation was overwhelming, more than our expectations. At places it was difficult to arrange space participants to sit. The zeal and vigour of participants was at its full display when participants agreed to sit on stairs and write the MCQ.


ByteCode  was the most popular computer event. It is basically a written quiz which tests the overall programming knowledge of the participants. It received participation of more than 100 odd students in teams of 2. The questions mainly focussed on logic and knowledge of C.


1. Amil George & Dhruv Bharadwaj – III yr : INR 4000
2. Toshi Singhal & Jay Shah – II yr : INR 2500
3. Riddhi Ranjan & Anshika Mehendiratta – III yr : INR 1500

Best Performing team from I year
Arth Patel and Aditya Prajapati : INR 1000

Code Athlon  :-

This is an online coding event which tests the programming skills of all those people who are good and have knowledge of programming languages like c,c++ , java etc. The problems were very challenging and were graded in two categories. Problem statement can be found at .

This event   attracted  25 odd teams with 2 persons per team.


1st Prize : Abhishek Patel and Amil George : INR 4000
2nd Prize : Binod Tulsiyan and Praveen Angadi
2nd Prize  : Kalpesh Rajni and Ishant Gupta : INR 3000 (shared)
3rd Prize : Khushraj Madanani and Shamik Arora : INR 1000

1st yr Winner :Meet Vora : INR 1000

Artificial Intelligence Workshop and Chatbot Challenge

A chatbot is a conversational agent , a computer program to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more users via auditory or textual methods. This event includes creation of such on site chatbots.

This event attracted a crowd of 40 people who used their innovative ideas and designed intelligent bots .


First Prize: Antim Suman : INR 4000
Second Prize:Chaitra Jagannath: INR 2500
Third Prize: Gaurav Mandal and Keyur Pandya :INR 1500

This year a special prize was given to the best performer of 1st year in each event in order to encourage and improvise the programming skills of the fresh batch. Moreover, this year events of Quest recorded maximum participation of 1stand 2nd yearites. Though the number of events conducted were lesser than the previous version , the participation for each event was fantabulous as mentioned above . The special event on Artificial Intelligence was held to give participants a basic idea of how computers are evolving and communicating with the humans .Quest 2009 was a great success and our team would like to thank the participants whose curiosity and enthusiasm added the icing on the cake.

Some regards to the Autofest 2009 and Entrumeet 2009 committee  who lend their support and help whenever required and worked together with great spirit to make Autumnfest  a big hit .

We would also like to thank our faculty advisors Mr R.P.Gohil and Mr.D.C.Jinwala  for their guidance and support .Our success would not have been possible without proper guidance and vision.